National Dental Commission Bill and National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill passed by Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha on 28th July, Friday passed the two key health Bills; National Commission Bill and National Nursing Midwifery Commission Bill.

The National Commission Bill is to regulate the quality and standard of dental education and profession in our country. This Bill aims at replacing the Dentists Act of 1948 and advances to set up The National Commission Bill.

The National Nursing Midwifery Commission Bill 2023 proposes to set up National Nursing Midwifery Commission and replace the Indian Nursing Council Act 1947. it also aims and providing regulated services and maintenance of standard education by nursing and midwifery professionals, maintenance of national and state registers and create a systematic framework to develop access and research.

The key purpose of the bills is to implement a common test and improve the nursing and Dental education and profession to strengthen the education system of the country and to provide dentists and nurses to give the best services to the Nation and the world. these Bills intend several required changes to improve the existing system.