MHT CET 2024 Registration: Late Fee Window Opened by Maharashtra CET Cell

The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, in a significant announcement for engineering and pharmacy aspirants, has extended the registration deadline for the Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2024. This extension comes with an additional provision for late fee submissions, offering a final chance for students who missed the initial deadline to apply for one of the most awaited entrance exams in the state.

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Candidates aiming to appear for MHT CET 2024, which paves the way for admissions into various undergraduate courses in engineering, pharmacy, and technology, can now register themselves on the MAHACET official portal at The decision to extend the registration period reflects the authorities’ commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that a larger number of students have the opportunity to compete in the examination.

According to the official notice, the window for registration and confirmation of online applications, inclusive of the late fee, opened on March 9, 2024, and will close promptly on March 15, 2024. To facilitate the extended registration process, the deadline for online payment of the examination fees has also been pushed to March 16, 2024. It’s important to note that an additional late fee of ₹500/- is applicable for all applicants, irrespective of their category.

The schedule for the MAH-MHT CET 2024 examinations has been firmly set for April 2024. The examinations are divided into two groups – PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), catering to the varied interests and academic pursuits of the candidates. The PCB group exams are planned from April 16 to April 23, 2024, while the PCM group exams will take place from April 25 to April 30, 2024. This staggered scheduling is designed to accommodate the significant number of examinees and ensure a smooth conduct of the test across the state.

This late registration opportunity is crucial for students who aspire to secure their place in esteemed institutions across Maharashtra for engineering and pharmacy courses. The MHT CET stands as a critical gateway for thousands of students seeking admission to undergraduate programs, marking the start of their professional journeys in the fields of science and technology.

Candidates are urged to utilize this extended registration period to ensure their participation in the MHT CET 2024. With all arrangements in place for the examination in April, the State CET Cell’s initiative to extend the registration deadline underscores their dedication to educational access and the future prospects of Maharashtra’s youth. As the registration window closes soon, prospective examinees should act quickly to complete their applications, keeping in mind the additional late fee, and prepare diligently for the upcoming examinations.

MHT-CET-2024: Gateway to Professional Courses in Maharashtra Opens with Extended Application Dates

The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Mumbai, has announced the schedule for the MHT-CET-2024 Entrance Examination, a pivotal step for students aiming to pursue professional courses in Engineering/Technology, Pharmacy, Planning, and Agricultural Education for the academic year 2024-25. This crucial examination, serving as a gateway for numerous aspirants seeking admission to prestigious institutions across Maharashtra, is set to unfold at various examination centers within and outside the Maharashtra State, reflecting its wide-reaching significance.

In a recent update, the State Common Entrance Test Cell has extended the online form filling period, providing a much-needed respite to candidates. Initially set to conclude earlier, the deadline for the online application has now been extended from 2nd March 2024 to 8th March 2024. This extension is a welcome move, aimed at accommodating a larger pool of aspirants who wish to partake in this competitive examination.

Official notice for extension – 02th March, 2024 to 08 th March, 2024

The MHT-CET-2024 stands as a critical assessment for securing admission into the aforementioned professional courses, attracting thousands of candidates every year. With its rigorous evaluation process, the examination ensures that only the most capable and deserving candidates make their way into Maharashtra’s esteemed educational institutions, thereby maintaining high academic and professional standards.

Candidates eager to seize this opportunity are advised to visit the official website of the State Common Entrance Test Cell,, where the online application registration schedule and the information brochure for MHT-CET-2024 have been made available. The website serves as a comprehensive resource, providing detailed instructions on the application process, examination schedule, syllabus, examination pattern, and other critical information necessary for the candidates.

This extension of the application deadline is not just a logistical update but a testament to the State Common Entrance Test Cell’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in higher education. By allowing additional time for application submissions, the Cell ensures that all interested candidates, irrespective of their circumstances, have a fair chance to apply and compete in the MHT-CET-2024.

As the extended deadline approaches, aspirants are encouraged to complete their applications promptly, ensuring they meet all requirements as specified in the information brochure. The MHT-CET-2024 is more than just an examination; it is a stepping stone towards a bright future in the professional world, opening doors to challenging and rewarding careers in Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy, Planning, and Agricultural Education.