MAH Nursing CET 2024 Registration Deadline Extended: A New Opportunity for Aspiring

In a recent announcement that has brought relief and new opportunities to many aspiring nurses, the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra has made a crucial decision regarding the MAH Nursing CET 2024. Understanding the concerns and requests from candidates and their parents, the registration deadline for this critical entrance test has been extended. This extension provides a golden chance for more students to apply and pursue their dreams of entering the nursing profession.

Initially set to close on 29th February 2024, the registration process for the MH-Nursing CET-2024 has now been extended till 15th March 2024. This extension is not just a mere postponement but a thoughtful decision aimed at ensuring that no aspiring nurse is left behind due to time constraints. The re-registration process, which commenced on 1st March 2024, is now open, inviting more candidates to seize this opportunity.

MAH Nursing CET 2024: Official Notice

The official notification from the State CET Cell highlighted the importance of this extension. It stated, “With reference to the above-referred notice, the last date of Application Form Filling for MH-Nursing CET-2024 was 29/02/2024. This office has received requests from candidates and parents regarding extension for registration. Hence, considering the academic interest of the candidates, the State CET Cell has decided to give an extension for online Registration for MH-Nursing CET-2024.”

This extension is a testament to the State CET Cell’s commitment to accommodating the academic interests of the candidates. It reflects an understanding of the challenges and pressures faced by students, especially in these times when every opportunity counts more than ever.

Interested candidates are encouraged to take advantage of this extended deadline. To apply, candidates should visit the official MAHACET website at The website provides all the necessary information and guidelines for the application process, ensuring that candidates can smoothly navigate through the registration.

The MAH Nursing CET is a crucial step for aspiring nurses in Maharashtra, offering them a pathway to enter nursing courses and eventually contribute to the healthcare sector. Nursing is a noble profession, more so in recent times, as nurses have been at the forefront of battling the pandemic, showcasing their importance and dedication to healthcare.

This extension is an opportunity for more candidates to step forward and embark on their journey to becoming healthcare heroes. The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra’s decision to extend the registration deadline is a commendable move, ensuring that the dreams of many aspiring nurses are kept alive and well within reach.

“Prospective candidates have until February 29 to apply for the MH-Nursing CET 2024, with the application fee payment window extending until March 1.”

The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, has announced the commencement of the registration process for MH CET Nursing 2024, offering aspiring candidates a pathway to pursue careers in nursing. With the official launch of the registration process on February 9, 2024, prospective applicants can now access the designated portal on the official website of MAHACET at to begin their application journey.

As per the notification issued by the Cell, interested candidates have until February 29, 2024, to complete their registrations for the MH-Nursing CET-2024 Entrance Examination. It is imperative for candidates to adhere to this deadline to ensure their eligibility for the examination. Moreover, the deadline for fee payment has been set for March 1, 2024, providing applicants with an additional window to complete this crucial step in the registration process.

The MH-Nursing CET-2024 Entrance Examination serves as the primary gateway for admissions into First Year B.Sc. Nursing, Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM), and General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) Courses across various institutes in Maharashtra. Administered by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Mumbai, this examination holds significant importance for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in nursing and healthcare.

Scheduled to take place at multiple centers across major districts in Maharashtra, the MH-Nursing CET-2024 Examination is slated to facilitate admissions for the academic year 2024-25. This wide distribution of examination centers aims to accommodate candidates from diverse regions, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all applicants.

Candidates are advised to carefully review the eligibility criteria and examination guidelines provided by the State Common Entrance Test Cell before initiating the registration process. It is essential to ensure compliance with the specified requirements to avoid any discrepancies during the application procedure.

Furthermore, applicants must prepare diligently for the MH-Nursing CET-2024 Examination to maximize their chances of success. By dedicating sufficient time and effort to exam preparation, candidates can enhance their knowledge and skills in alignment with the examination syllabus and pattern.

In conclusion, the initiation of the registration process for MH CET Nursing 2024 signifies an important opportunity for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in nursing in Maharashtra. Interested candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity and complete their registrations before the specified deadlines to secure their eligibility for the entrance examination. By embarking on this journey, aspiring nurses can take significant strides towards realizing their aspirations and contributing to the healthcare sector with competence and compassion.

Maharashtra-Nursing CET 2024: Steps to register, apply

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to register and apply online for MH-Nursing CET 2024.

  • Step 1: First of all go to the official website of MAHACET at
  • Step 2: Then click on the registration link available on the home page and complete the registration process to get the login credentials.
  • Step 3: Log in with the generated credentials and fill out the application form.
  • Step 4: Upload the documents as required in the specified format and make payment of the application fee.
  • Step 5: Submit the application form and download the confirmation page.
  • Step 6: Take a printout of the page as it may be required for further processing.

For more related details and information on the entrance exam, candidates are advised to visit the official website of the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell.

Direct application link here.