Rajiv Gandhi University health sciences Cracks Down on Substandard Nursing Colleges: Denies Permission to 72 Institutions for 2024-25 Intake

In a significant move aimed at upholding educational standards in the nursing sector, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) has refused permission for intake in 72 nursing colleges for the academic year 2024-25. This decision marks one of the largest crackdowns on substandard institutions in recent years and underscores the university’s commitment to quality education in healthcare.

The decision was made following a thorough evaluation by a local enquiry panel, whose recommendations were accepted during a recent Syndicate meeting held in Mangalore. These colleges, which sought approval for admitting 40 to 60 students each, were found to be lacking in various essential criteria mandated by the university.

One of the primary shortcomings identified was the absence of a parent hospital or inadequate infrastructure in several of these colleges. Some institutions failed to demonstrate a tangible connection with a parent hospital, while others had their affiliated hospitals located more than 50 kilometers away from the college premises. Additionally, certain colleges resorted to fraudulent practices, such as presenting fake documents to gain approval.

Dr. MK Ramesh, the Vice-Chancellor of RGUHS, emphasized the university’s commitment to ensuring that only reputable colleges operate under its umbrella. Unlike previous years, the university has implemented a more rigorous evaluation process, which includes scrutinizing additional factors such as pollution control board compliance and Karnataka Private Medical Establishment certificates.

In response to the decision, many colleges are expected to resubmit their documents for reconsideration before the next Syndicate meeting. However, institutions that fail to address the deficiencies identified may face surprise inspections in the future.

This crackdown highlights the university’s dedication to maintaining high educational standards and safeguarding the interests of students pursuing nursing education. By enforcing strict criteria for approval, RGUHS aims to promote excellence in nursing education and produce competent healthcare professionals who can contribute effectively to society.

As the issue unfolds, it is imperative for all stakeholders to collaborate and ensure that only institutions meeting the prescribed standards are allowed to operate, thereby upholding the integrity of the nursing profession and safeguarding the interests of students and the broader healthcare sector.