ALL ABOUT ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES! Are You Looking For Allied Health Science Courses Admission? – By ARISHA DEVI.M

Allied Health Science covers a large group of Health Professionals. these Professionals applies Scientific Principles for diagnosing , evaluating and for treatment of delicate and Perceptive diseases. these Professionals prevent diseases and concentrate on wellness for optimum healthcare. they use administration skill and management skill to support these factors. Allied Health Professionals are engaged with the delivery of health concern to identify, evaluate and prevents the disorders.they also deal with dietary,nutrition services, rehabilitation and health system management etc.

Why to Choose Allied Health Science Course?
  • Choosing Allied Health Science Course the major reason is, it is very Flexible in nature
  • This Course builds a good Relationship with Patients, as this job involves helping to ensure the good health of the patients.
  • Allied Health Sciences provides high job satisfaction
  • The training for this courses feels very Quick for healthcare field compared to other professions.
Benefits of Allied Health Sciences
  • Allied Health Sciences provides High Employment rates initially
  • Provides opportunities for future practice in various settings
  • It gives chance to become exciting and intellectual challenging profession
  • It offers opportunity to study individuals, huge populations and gives ideas to address the diseases and prevents it
  • Brings social change, provides care for patients and builds better health systems
  • Mainly the Allied Health Jobs are connected with people and they assures to provide good health to patients
  • This provides high job security and very Flexible
  • It provides opportunities to learn new things practically in medical techniques that increases your education and skills as well
  • Training for this courses are less expensive compared to other professionals.

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Note: NEET/CET Exam is not Mandatory for this Programme!

List of Allied Health Sciences Courses
SL.NOCourses Names
1B.Sc Optometry
2B. Prosthetic and orthotics 
3B.Sc Accident & Emergency Care Technology 
4B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology
5B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology
6B.Sc Cardio Vascular Technology
7B.Sc Clinical Nutrition
8B.Sc Critical Care Technology
9B.Sc Emergency Medical Technology
10B.Sc Emergency Medical Technology & Trauma Care Technology
11B.Sc Fitness & Lifestyle Modification
12B.Sc Forensic Science
13B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
14B.Sc Medical Record Science
15B.Sc Medical Sociology
16B.Sc Neuro Electro Physiology
17B.Sc Neuro Science Technology
18B.Sc Neuro Medicine Technology
19B.Sc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology
20B.Sc Physician Assistant
21B.Sc Radiography & Imaging Technology
22B.Sc Radiotherapy Technology
23B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology
24B.Sc Respiratory Therapy
25B.Sc Medical Radiological Technology
26Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics
27Bachelor of Hospital Administration
28Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
29Bachelor of Public Health
30M.Sc Optometry
31M.Phil in clinical Psychology
32M.Phil in clinical Social work
33M.Phil Psychiatric Social work
34M.Sc Blood Banking Technology
35M.Sc Clinical Nutrition
36M.Sc Clinical research
37M.Sc Critical Care Technology
38M.SC Echo Cardiography
39M.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
40M.Sc Medical Physics
41M.Sc Medical Sociology
42M.Sc Molecular Virology
43M.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology
44M.Sc Perfusion Technology
45M.Sc Radiation Physics
46M.Sc Radiography & Imaging Technology
47M.Sc Respiratory Therapy
48Master in Prosthetics and Orthotics
Roles and Responsibilities of Allied Health Sciences 
  • Allied health Sciences primary goals or intention is to find, diagnose and to recover the diseases.
  • Its main focus is to provide a good health system for the patients
  • Teaches the students the usage of technologies for diagnosing and prevention of diseases
  • It plays a vital role in improving access and quality health care for peoples
  • They provide essential services that ensures to maintain or promotes a good health and prevents diseases
  • These Professionals provides services to Individuals, Family, Communities, etc.
  • Allied Health Sciences deals with all kinds of diagnostic techniques which is used in medical sector
  • They provide direct medical care,diagnostics,recovery,medication etc.

Allied Health Sciences…

List of Allied Health Sciences Colleges Names in Karnataka
Sl.noColleges Names
1S B College of Hospital Administration
2G Madegowda  Institute of Allied Health Sciences
3Dr M.V. Shetty College Medical Laboratory Technology
4Amar shanth Para medical Institute
5Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital
6Prudence College of Allied Health Sciences
7A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center
8Manjunatha College of Allied Health Sciences
9MVM College of Allied Health Sciences
10Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center
11R K Institute of Allied Health Sciences
12Prestige Medical Health Sciences 
13St. Agnes Center for Post Graduate Studies & Research
14Shree Sapthagiri Institute of Allied Health Sciences
15Sri Shankara Cancer I-Iospital and Research  Centre
16Kanachur Institute of Para Medical Sciences
17S. Nijalingappa Medical & Hanagal Shri Kumareshwar hospital & Research Center
18Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Medical Sciences
19Aharya Institute of Alied Health Sciences
20BGS Global Institute of Allied Health Sciences
21Nethradhama College of Hospital Administration
22The Muller College of Allied Health Sciences
23Dr. B R Ambedkar Institute of Para Medical Courses
24Goutham Institute of Allied Health Sciences
25Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology
26Rajeev College of Allied Healh Sciences
27Aditya College of Allid Health Sciences
28Padmashree Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
29Cauvery Institution of Health Sciences
30Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute
31Christian Institute of Allied Health Sciences
32Alva’s College of Medical Laboratory Technology 
33Shridevi Institute of Paramedical Sciences
34Athena Institute of Health Sciences
35Netra Jyothi roof Allied Health Sciences
36RajaRajeshwari Institute of Allied Health sciences
37Nanjappa Institute of Allied Health Sciences 
38Dr. Ravi Patil Institute of Allied Health Sciences
39N U Trust College of Allied Health Sciences
40Mangala College of Paramedical Sciences
41Sri Channegowda College of Allied Health Sciences
42R R Institute of Medical Sciences
43Kanachur Institute of Paramedical Sciences
44Jupiter Institute of Allied Health Sciences
45Masood College of Allied Health Sciences
46East Point College of Medical Science And Research Centre
47Prakruti College of Allied Health Sciences
48Colaco College of B Sc Medical Technology 
49Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center
50K R College of Health Sciences
51Sanjeevini Institute of Para Medical Sciences
52Acharya Institute of Health Sciences
53Harsha Institute of Para Medical Sciences
54Indira College of Allied Health Sciences
55Manjushree Institute of Health Sciences
56City College of Allied Health Sciences
57Vidyaratna Para Medical College 
58Abhaya Institute of Allied Health Sciences
59Sofia College of Allied Health Sciences
60Sanatana College of Allied Health Sciences

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Employment Areas of Allied Health Sciences
  • Athletic Training
  • Optometry
  • Medical Assistant
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Radiography
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologist & Technician
  • Audiology
  • Perfusion Technology
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Health Administration
  • Cardiovascular Technology
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Emergency Medical Sciences
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology etc.

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