“Top Deemed Medical Colleges for MBBS Admission : Accepting NEET UG Scores between 200-400”

Securing admission in top medical colleges is the dream of many aspiring doctors. However, the journey to achieving this dream can sometimes be challenging, especially for those with a NEET UG score ranging from 200 to 400 out of 720,but it’s not necessarily the end of the road. Despite these scores, there are still opportunities to secure admission in top deemed medical colleges for MBBS programs. A NEET UG score between 200 and 400 may not be in the highest percentile, but it does not disqualify candidates from securing admission, there are still opportunities to secure admission in top deemed medical colleges for MBBS programs

Deemed medical colleges, often affiliated with Deemed to be universities, have gained significant recognition for providing quality medical education. They offer a diverse range of programs and are known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and comprehensive curriculum. Securing admission in top deemed medical colleges with a NEET UG score between 200 and 400 is indeed challenging but not impossible

Remember, success in the medical field is not solely determined by exam scores but by a combination of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. With determination and strategic planning, aspiring doctors can turn their dreams into reality, irrespective of their initial NEET UG scores.

NEETUG 2023: Deemed medical colleges accepting between 200-400 score

Last year, these medical colleges admitted students who scored 200-400 marks in the NEET UG 2023 exam.

InstituteFees structure   (Yearly Fees)1st Round Cut   offMarks2ND Round Cut offMarks3RD Round Cut offMarks
Aarupadai  Veedu Medical College and Hospt., Puducherry (200377)1950000121705210712029451091191585110
ACS Medical College and Hospital, Chennai (200383)2300000121085710810994411231218878107
B.L.D.E University, Bijapur (200334)1800000(4 ½ years)343362335317616349320431347
BHAARATH MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL (200532)2400000121838110712129701081094589124
Bharati  Vidyapeeth DU Medical College (200356)2464020325219345308914353130707479
BV Deemed Uni. Med. College and Hos., Sangli (200355)2313115504213267463416282408330305
Chettinad Hos. and Res. Inst., Kancheepuram (200384)245000010224111351066553128947312148
DATTA MEGHE MEDICAL COLLEGE WANADONGRI HINGNA NAGPUR (200525)2150000589644237587764238559994247
Dr. DY Patil Medical College and Hospt., Pune (200361)2650000547267251604781232587361238
Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai (200362)2700000564598245596198235496985269
Dr. DYP Edu. Soc. Deemed Uni., Kolhapur 200363)2060000361243327303544356  
GITAM Institue of Med. Sce. and Res., Visakhapatnam (200324)2537000120359310911489931161092059124
Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Host., Bhubaneswar (200374)196000030062835827503137264055550
JLN  Medical College, Datta Meghe, Wardha (2003642150000577151241569392244593557236
Krishna Inst. of Med. Scie., Karad (200365)2300000467886280409185305516961262
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Pondicherry (200379)220000086885316410784041261133004118
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, vashi,navi Mumbai2100000306764354248496388103175506
MGM Medical College, Aurangabad (200367)2100000257540383191249428199504422
MM Inst. Med. and Research, Mullana (200332)1700000(4.5 Year)355560329373329321375083320
Santosh Medical College and Hospital, Ghaziabad(200408)2400000759984189851640168822255174
Saveetha Medical College, Chennai(200389)2475000609404231598803234530867257
SBKS Med. Inst. and Res. Centre, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (200330)1875000345054335299073359
SBKS Med. Inst. and Res. Centre, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (200330) (jain minority)1875000838288170678264210
SDU  Medical College, Kolar (200347)1760000293058362298657359214883411
Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and RI, Chennai(200390)2000000118555111111772551121165039114
SRI LALITHAMBIGAI MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL (200540)19000008730491634789842761111832121
Sri Ramachandra Med. College and Res. Inst., Chennai (200396)2500000270532375244938391273789373
Sri Siddhartha Academy T Begur (200472)1775000592791236598685234603837233
Sri Siddhartha Medical College DU, Tumkur (200349)1775000431784295402192308364714325
Yenepoya   Medical College, Mangalore (200351)2200000362074326412498303411511302
Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore (200351)  (Muslim Minority)2200000647594219478583276
Raja Rajeswari Medical College Bengaluru (200469)2300000486472273535304255417238301