KEAM 2024 Registration Deadline Today: Final Chance to Apply!

The Office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala, announces today as the final day for registration for the Kerala Engineering Architecture and Medical (KEAM) Examination 2024. Originally scheduled to close on April 17, the deadline was extended to today, April 19, until 5 PM. This extension provides a last opportunity for applicants to submit their forms via the official portal:

While today marks the end of registration, candidates have until April 24, 2024, to upload or submit any supporting documents required for the application process. The KEAM 2024 exams are scheduled from June 1 to June 9, 2024, offering a gateway for students aspiring to enroll in various undergraduate professional courses. These courses span across engineering, architecture, pharmacy, medicine, and medical allied fields, aiming to equip students for the academic year 2024-2025 in Kerala’s prestigious institutions.

Applicants are urged to double-check their application forms for accuracy and completeness before submission, ensuring all requirements are met within the stipulated timelines. This process is crucial for those aiming to secure a spot in the competitive educational landscape of Kerala.